Our consultants

Consultant Anaesthetists are highly trained doctors that specialise in the provision of safe anaesthesia, sedation and pain relief.

Your Anaesthestist will discuss and advise you on the various options and techniques for anaesthesia relevant to the procedure you are undergoing. They will tailor this advice to each individual patient taking into account any other medical conditions you may have, which will have been noted at your nurse-led pre-assessment appointment. Usually you will first meet your anaesthetist on the day of surgery, however for more complicated procedures or medical conditions an outpatient appointment may be arranged before the day of surgery

All the Consultants working within the Harrogate Anaesthesia Services group also work as substantive consultants at Harrogate District NHS Foundation Trust. As substantive consultants, we all hold valid licences to practice and are on the GMC specialist register. Additionally, we are all approved as specialists by the major insurance companies.